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Just a normal fella who appreciates great artwork and fine story telling. Hit me back on yahoo @ thundergod4791 or on gmail @ susanoo3417. Also, since I am not an artist in my own right, I make this pledge clear: the artwork that I post is in no way mine or of my own design. They are taken from other sites such as Facebook and Photobucket, saved onto a USB, and posted here as a means to give life to the visions and characters dancing around in my head. So, please don't yell at me too harshly. If I do post something that I myself have done, I will let you know. Until then, take care, and let's all get along, k?

Current Residence: Hollis, New York
deviantWEAR sizing preference: X-large (comfy preferred)
Favourite genre of music: Rock and Roll
Favourite style of art: Manga, Anime
MP3 player of choice: Zen
Wallpaper of choice: Guyver Wallpapers
Favourite cartoon character: Tekkaman Blade, Guyver, Detonator Orgun, Gundam
Personal Quote: Every man dies; not every man truly lives.


My friend, this is truly an inspiring pic of Drunna. I did not know many people who could remember this lovely lady in space, and my fi...

Gah! Tagged by three other people for this OC factoid! Meh, since both of them are good friends of mine, off we go...

1) Post the rules.
2) Post eight (8) facts about your character.
3) Tag eight other characters (!)
4) Post the characters' names with their creator's avatars.
A) Tagged by my pal :icondagame2578: for my OC Drayke Kreichton; away we go.....

1) Drayke Kreichton came about during a time a way back where I was repeatedly watching clips from the TeknoMan anime/manga (I call it Tekkaman, as it should be), and I quickly crafted my own AU (alternate universe) where such a situation came about to create my own Tekkaman OC's, Drayke included. :)

2) Originally, DK's true self ran into a dimension-hopping Connie, the Crimson Conservative, on a mission, and boy, did they hit it off :P . I stilll think that her creator (and Connie) are both a bit dizzy from the fun that she and DK had in his original universe. ;)

3) To bring a Tekkaman-based OC into AF, though, I used the reincarnation cycle, so to speak, to have DK recreate himself as a quantum copy of his original self for two reasons: (1) to get Connie get back to AF in one piece, and (2) to have him keep an eye on that fiesty nine-foot tall Amazon bombshell (now, however, they are just good friends... with benefits. :jawdrop:

4) I also used the concept of 'Advanced Humans' from an RCC (Racial Character Class) file based in Palladium's Rifts RPG Book, to illustrate DK's futuristic origins and a vast number of his superhuman abilities.

5) DK's eventual hook-up with my pal :icondagame2578:'s immortal Amazon Countessa, was an unforseen bonus when he and I teamed up to help flesh out parts of his OC Mari-VaNa's former plans in AF.

6) DK's usage of the advanced technology from his original universe that he brought with him to AF is a personal preference of his, seeing as his fearsome quasi-quantum battle armored form can be considered overkill in many instances, and he does not wish his enemies to know just how dangerous he truly can be.

7) DK has never been married, and even though he is by no means inexperienced when it comes to being intimate with the fairer sex and enjoying it, he is very much a gentleman, showing that chivalry and respect for them is far from dead in his world views. Still, he remains a formidable foe when he goes up against any of his enemies.

8) DK considers Countessa to be a true godsend to his life, as soldiers like him are far too often lost in wars without leaving something to remember them by, and he plans to do everything in his considerable power to always come home to her loving embrace.

And, done! On to round two! Again!
B) Tagged by both my pals :iconblueharbinger: and :icontrekkiegal: for my OC, Deimos, my rather rough and tumble divine child of elder gods, so... onward!

1) As with my NPC OC Pele, I was primariily inspired to create Deimos after seeing the fantastic artwork of :icongenzoman:'s depicting the divine entities that I chose to be his parents: Pele, and Angra Mainyu himself. Simply awe-inspring, and it also reflects aspects of both of them in his appearance and attire (powers, armor, gauntlets, etc.), even though Deimos was created after my OC Omni-Drive.

2) The first story I wrote for Deimos involved his abrupt arrival in Angel Falls and, originally, a fierce meeting with Ultraviolet (when she was a part of AF.) I was advised at the time of my big misstep in not asking for permission first, and later changed it to Ultrawoman after being counseled by the character's creators. Trust me, major lessons learned on that front.

3) Deimos makes no bones about being the son of Angra Mainyu and Pele, doing everything he can to honor his mother, while being acutely aware of the dark, destructive nature he inherited from his father. But, anyone who disrepects his mother, or even his grandmother Gaia, will likely not be long for this world when one considers just how powerful Deimos truly is.

4) Due to an unforseen arcane event back a few years on Halloween night, Deimos 'spawned' two of my other supernatual/divine OC's: Jharrek Darkewing, the anthromorphic obsidian dragonoid emissary, and Neo-Axcel, the living machine/celestial guardian golem, who even today consider Deimos a brother-in-arms.

5) Deimos counts some very powerful beings among his teachers, mentors, and allies in his upbringing: the divine dragon-god Bahamut; the two Grigori Maesters Samyaza and Azazel; the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, and Metatron; and especially his grandmother Gaia, who told him the tale of how he came to be, and the affair between Pele and Angra Mainyu.

6) Deimos was kidnapped by Angra Mainyu in his youth, and brutally trained and taught of his heritage before his eighteen birthday (his day of first ascension), when his innate shadow powers emerged, signalling the birth of his corrupted soul form: the mighty Ebony Balrog, whom not even Angra Mainyu could tame. Deimos stayed feral until Angra Mainyu was forced to reach out and summon Bahamut to quell Deimos - one primal beast-form to another -, which returned Deimos to normal, but with his shadow powers now fully in his control, and Bahamut's own divine teachings in his mind.

7) One way or another, through sheer will or divine right, Deimos and his father both bear the eternal loyalty and servitude of all types of Shadow-Beasts and Shadow-Entities through Angra Mainyu's Elder Primal God status, and Deimos as his heir. The oath of loyalty was sworn to them both in primordial times when some shadows unwisely insulted the Elder God, and only Deimos was able to diffuse his father's wrath through achieving the oath of them all. Any other oaths of rituals used will eventually yield to them, one way or another.

8) The idea that Deimos and Aria Kahner - Xeranad's daughter - are brother and sister was put to me by Xeranad, and we happily agreed to it. Ah, what fun we have had writing and planning what to do with the siblings since that day!

And, done! Whew!
Okay, as for tagging eight other people and characters, again.... sorry, not today, but as before, the ones who tagged me get it back! Bwahahahaha!

:icondagame2578: , pal of mine, this time... more on Gideon.
:iconblueharbinger: , bud, let's see what you have to say about... Exosin.
:icontrekkiegal:, my dear friend, how about... Panthera.

Have at it! Ciao!
Xeranad Lekard (Angra Mainyu host), and Aria Kahner: property of :iconxeranad:

Exosin: property of :iconblueharbinger:

Pele (NPC Goddess), Gaia (NPC Elder Goddess), Angra Mainyu (father of Deimos), Deimos, Bahamut, Drayke Kreichton, Samyaza and Azazel (NPC Grigori/fallen angels), NPC Archangel OCs Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Metatron, Omni-Drive, Jharrek Darkewing, Neo-Axcel, Ebony Balrog, Shadow-Beasts, Shadow-Entities: property of yours truly, along with serious input from my bud :iconxeranad: on how Deimos, Pele, and Xeranad are all linked.

Connie (Crimson Conservative): property of :iconjamese82:

Mari-VaNa (Marianna Faulkner), Countessa, Gideon: property of :icondagame2578:

Ultrawoman: property of :iconu1trawoman: (wherever she may be)

Ultraviolet: property of :iconiscariotart:

Yes, this all takes place in :iconangel-fallsda: The Guardians of Angel Falls = an integral part of the group :iconangel-fallsda: , so I mention them as much as I can. ;)

TeknoMan/Tekkaman: property of Tatsunoko Productions.

Rifts RPG: property of Palladium Books.
  • Listening to: Pandora
  • Reading: Angel Falls Stories and Fanfictions
  • Watching: The News
  • Playing: Nada
  • Eating: Chicked w/ Rice
  • Drinking: Crystal Light

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Anyone who loves to draw manga, anime, Guyvers (both from anime and manga as well), Gundam, and writes about them as well, send your pics my way. I am a collector of these wonderful works, and I express my utmost admiration for those of you with the gift of art that the universe has given you.


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