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Contest Entry for DestroXXIV:

Sunset had only just begun across the mystical island of Themyscira, ancient home of the mythic Amazon race. For so long favored by several goddesses of the Olympian pantheon watching over the Earth from high on Mount Olympus for their harsh treatment at the hands of man centuries ago, this evening, though, had brought a somber mood to their island paradise. It was only a matter of days before a wedding of epic proportions was to commence, and it involved one of the Amazon champions being forced to marry a man against her will to safeguard her sisters and the Queen herself.

Foremost in the minds of the Amazons was that the wedding had been cruelly brought forth through the vile trickery and heartless nature of one of the Amazons' most reviled and cunning enemies: Circe. The vain near-immortal sorceress defied by Odysseus and his men so long ago, and snubbed by the gods of Olympus for daring to believe that she was above them in all things - though a powerful wielder of magic, she was still born on the mortal place, - had allowed centuries of hatred to fester at these slights. With the center of her hatred having always been upon Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazons, and all who followed her, Circe had brought her latest scheme to fruition. That plan had manifested through shady politics and a backdoor deal with an unknown, but very powerful demigod, allowing Circe to put fourth an ironclad marriage agreement between the demigod and Curia, the current Amazon champion and ambassador to the modern world.

The cruel marriage agreement was for repayment of a life-debt that Curia owed to the demigod warrior, due to him saving her life from rogue demons that had escaped from the pits of Tartarus, and from under Hades' own nose. Obviously, Circe had helped the beasts escape and planned their ambush of Curia so that the demigod could rescue her, but without proof to dispute Circe's claim, the reparation for the life-debt was unbreakable. Circe herself had even erected a brand new mage tower on Themyscira so she could be both worshipped and served by the Amazons once the wedding was confirmed, and from where she and her dark, demigod champion - the faceless, armored being known only as Halcyon - would denigrate and break the will of Curia, Hippolyta, and all the Amazons across Themyscira, The sorceress gleefully had taken to reviewing the memory of how she had first come across Halcyon in the first place.

The faceless armored warrior had been casually ripping apart a horde of Balrogs who had been encroaching on the vast lands of an uninhabited planet that he had claimed for his own, and Halcyon had not been amused. His titanic strength and sheer ferocity toward the demons facing him had been intoxicating, making him an easy choice to implement her goals for the Amazons, but Circe stayed her desire to present her plan to Halycon. Though he bore Circe no true loyalty, Halcyon had agreed to follow her lead for now, but had made sure they both agreed to basic terms of alliance before the plan had begun.

With Halcyon as her trump card, Circe had unleashed her plan. While other allies of Curia had been distracted by several natural disturbances around the island and the world, she had been lured to a remote location by Circe's minions, who had given her the ultimatum to show up or have Circe unleash Hades' Stygian horrors on Earth through a secret portal. Curia had no time for anything else but to agree to arrive there before the deadline. Then, before Curia realized it, Circe's minions came en masse and attacked her. Though she defeated most of the minions in short order, Circe made sure one of them went unnoticed and then, attacked Curia from behind; it was at that moment that Halcyon made his move. The armored demigod easily backhanded the offending demon aside from where it had blindsided Curia, and was preparing to maul her limb from limb. Halcyon then calmly ripped the demon in half without a care in the world before making sure the coast was clear, and moved to tend to the stunned Curia on the ground.

However, the moment that Curia stated that she now owed Halcyon her life for his actions in saving her from the monster, the sorceress pounced; appearing before Curia and then declaring that Halcyon was her ally, Circe demanded Curia submit to his hand in marriage in answer for the life-debt. The Amazon had fallen headlong into Circe's trap; there was no way out of it, and her only answer could be 'yes.' Circe had wanted to truly humble the Amazons - Curia and Hippolyta especially, - but Halcyon had carefully mentioned to her that if she overplayed her hand before Curia and he were wed, the Olympian gods would act against them. Circe scowled at that, but grudgingly agreed, and also insisted that Halcyon defeat both Curia and Hippolyta in the arena on Themyscira to prove his strength to them all. He could also accept and battle against any others who challenged him, to solidify his claim to becoming the sovereign Lord of the Amazons. To that, Halcyon readily agreed.

It took no time for Circe and Halcyon to present their demands - with Curia in tow - to Hippolyta on Themyscira and her council, leaving the Queen of the Amazons no choice but to agree with their proposal.  Only the best would join Curia and herself as Halcyon's opponents in the arena: those turned out to be Artemis, the Captain of the Queen's Guard; Phillippus, Hippolyta's most trusted general; and the Amazons' scryer / secret assassin, Harbinger. The contest was to take place over the course of two weeks, and then the wedding and public 'submission' to the victor later. Many Amazons decried this harsh situation placed upon them by Circe, but they had no options open to them. A life-debt was unbreakable until fulfilled, and they all knew that Circe would not let them escape from this.

Before the contest even began, Circe returned to her tower, desiring to draw up binding contracts for the marriage that would see Curia, Hippolyta, and all the Amazons groveling at her feet for eternity. Again, though, the calm Halcyon carefully toed the line in tempering Circe's feverish designs: she was running herself ragged with all her machinations. He asked her to rest for a day, and then, they would prepare the documents. Seeing Halcyon's wise words for what they were - and that he was not overstepping his bounds with the sorceress - Circe agreed, and she slept quite well that day, visions of conquered Amazons and groveling servants before her dancing all night in her mind. After her rest, Circe found that it was quite easy now to gather her thoughts and put together her terms for surrender to the Amazons; Halcyon had carefully placed all the necessary tools and parchment on the desk for use. Smiling at her ally's diligence, Circe quickly put an enchanted self-inking quill to the parchment to work on writing down her voiced demands. She never really noticed Halcyon remaining at the back of the drawing room, and that his hands were moving as if he himself was writing things in the air before him.

With the contracts prepared and ready to be implemented at the end of the contest in the arena - and after the wedding - Circe and Halcyon made their way to the arena for the start of the competition. Each Amazon involved - Harbinger, Artemis, Phillippus, Hippolyta, and Curia in the last slot - were all allowed to use any and all weapons at their disposal, bar anything magical that would tip the odds in their favor. This, however, worked against Circe's interests in that she herself could neither influence the combatants, nor cast any spells at all that would interfere in the contest. To do so would invoke the wrath of the Olympian gods, and invalidate the life-debt Curia and Halcyon held without any preamble. Pouting at that fact, Circe looked over at Halcyon for his response, who nodded in acceptance, and finally agreed to the terms presented. Half an hour later, the contest began.


The first combatant against Halcyon was the seer Harbinger. It was felt that her strong precognitive abilities would be the undoing of Circe's ally; Halycon quickly proved that wrong when Harbinger could see nothing about him at all. "Who... who are you!?" She squeaked in shock at having her gift so easily turned aside by such raw power. A single lightning-fast chop to the back of her neck ended the battle, to which Halcyon quietly said, "My dear Amazon seer, know this... I am beyond you."

The following afternoon brought up the next battle against the Captain of the Queen's Guard: Artemis. Named for the Olympian goddess of the hunt, she appeared fully dressed in her battle armor, with sword, shield, and spear at the ready. Then, Artemis looked over at the silent armored Halycon, and started the battle off with a determined taunt. "Are you so fearful that your visage will be scarred in battle against a woman, that you hide your face behind that mask, despicable man-beast!?" Halcyon simply stood there, the taunt not even getting him riled up as his black cloak fluttered in the light breeze, then responded, "No." At that one word, the front of Halcyon's mask slid upward, revealing no face at all! Only a pair of baleful, glowing crimson eyes greeted Artemis, staring her down like a hungry wolf with sheer, indomitable will. "Good enough for you, Amazon Captain of the Guard? Well, then....." The faceplate snapped shut, and the dark visor on it glowed red once more. "..... shall we begin?"

Artemis settled into her battle stance in a second, shield at the ready, to which Halcyon answered by bringing out a cylinder from behind his back and under his cloak. With a mere twist of its length, the cylinder quickly telescoped out and formed into a deadly golden metal and crystal-bladed halberd in his grasp! "Your move, Amazon." Halcyon growled at her, swiping his weapon through before him as if it was as light as air. "Make it count." The battle was fast and furious, and great skill was displayed, but in the end, Artemis only lasted longer than Harbinger because she was a warrior with greater experience. Still, Halcyon finally ended the bout with a vicious choke-slam, followed by three more for good measure to ensure that Artemis was down and out for the count. Artemis would indeed survive, but the pride of the Captain of the Queen's Guard had been thoroughly pummelled into rubble.

An hour later, Phillippus stepped forward into the arena, asking only one thing of Halcyon in their duel: a noble battle of swords between them. Halcyon nodded, and twisted the end of his halberd once more, transforming it this time into a gleaming golden longsword! "As you wish, General. En garde." The armored enigma said, settling into his ready stance. Being one of the oldest Amazons - surpassed by only Hippolyta - Phillippus gave Halcyon everything she had, and then some. Centuries of combat knowledge and honed skill attacked Halcyon again and again, seeking to find a weakness or opening to strike him down, but the soundless warrior returned each blow back with fervor and unyielding will. Finally, using a disarming move so difficult and quick that Phillippus herself missed its initiation, the armored champion of Circe completely disarmed Phillippus! He then displayed his ingrained battle skills by sweeping Phillippus off her feet, literally plucking her out of the air, and reverse body-slammed her to the dirt floor! With a aching groan, Phillippus tried to get up, but a snap kick to her head from Halcyon finally put her out of the match.

Two days later found the Amazons back in the arena to witness the next to last, and probably best chance - before Curia herself would battle Halcyon - for the warrior nation to break free of Circe and her dark champion. Hippolyta herself had taken up shield and sword once more to defend her charges, and with the Golden Girdle upon her waist, she stepped out into the arena to face Halcyon. "Do you know what it is that you will subject me and my people to if you are victorious here, armored one?" The Queen of the Amazons clearly stated to her waiting opponent, even as she kicked off her sandals and set her bare feet into the dirt, ready for battle. "How Circe will do everything in her power to enslave us for eternity? How can you do this to us!?" Halcyon hefted up his sword before saluting the Queen, then replied, "My dear Queen of Themyscira, my goals merely align with hers at the moment. The aftermath? Now that, I have well in hand. Stand ready, Hippolyta."

At that, Halcyon snapped his blade to his side, ready for action, and Hippolyta answered him with the same. Another battle for the ages took place, where Hippolyta showed that she was, indeed, Queen of the Amazons for a reason; she still knew exactly how to battle against such foes. Even a few centuries of non-combat had not dulled her skills. Still, it was not to be, as Halcyon had one thing that she did not: power incarnate. Hippolyta soon knew full well why Circe had enlisted his aid. When the gong sounded out, signalling the end of the battle, the panting form of the Queen was laid out and defeated, with Halcyon looking on without a care on Earth. Hippolyta stayed on the ground for a few moments before turning over to look up at the towering armored warrior before her. "As per the customs of the arena, Queen of the Amazons, since time was first recorded, you will submit to me, here and now, or forfeit your crown and the protections that it grants your Amazons from reprisals." Halcyon evenly stated down to her.

The armored warrior's sword retracted back into its cylinder form, allowing him to snap it back into place on the back of his armor's belted waist. Hippolyta grudgingly nodded, slowly pulling herself to her knees, only for Halcyon to speak again. "No, Queen Hippolyta. You will stand up, proud and unbroken, for this custom. I'll not see you groveling before me after such a magnificent duel." The Queen's surprise at Halcyon's demand lasted only a moment before she nodded again, and rose to her feet. While a cryer in the stands for her people announced what was to come, the Queen held her head high, even as she spread her feet shoulder-length apart, and pulled her armor and toga off over her head. Only the legendary Girdle remained in place on her torso, the proud full breasts of the Queen on display as much as her sacred treasure, and her bared ass.

Stepping up in front of the now-naked Queen of the Amazons, with Circe cackling madly from her private perch in the stands, Halcyon reached out and gently cupped, then kneaded both of Hippolyta's heaving breasts before the assembled audience in the arena. He then looked into her eyes and spoke. "What I do here, Queen of the Amazons, will be for your own good, as much as it will be for your people. In that, you can be sure." Hearing his words, but only nodding in sad acceptance, Hippolyta waited in silence. Halcyon calmly stepped behind her, out of sight, but Hippolyta still heard a sound of metal sliding on metal. Then, she felt it. There was no doubt in her mind that what Hippolyta could now feel resting between her toned ass cheeks was a rather massive example of male endowment, but it had only begun to swell against her as Halcyon's hands groped her ass and hips.

It continued to swell until, finally, Hippolyta could feel the thick head at its tip pressing up against her lower nether lips. It was surely more than a foot long in its swollen length. (This will be disconcerting.) Hippolyta thought to herself, even as Halcyon spoke again. "Are you ready for this, Queen Hippolyta?" The Queen could only nod in response as Halcyon gently rubbed her sex, moistening her while lubricating his shaft. She waited with baited breath, then inhaled sharply as Halcyon firmly pushed his iron-hard length into the Queen's sacred treasure. Holding her arms out to her sides, Halcyon completed the first portion of the custom, burying himself balls deep into Hippolyta and holding her there until the Amazon cryer above them tearfully announced the ritual complete. Now, Hippolyta had to swallow her 'master's' seed to seal the bargain. Halcyon pumped his hips a few times into Hippolyta to ensure that he was ready, then withdrew himself from her, turned Hippolyta around, and firmly put her on her knees as he began to stroke his huge length in preparation.

Not a minute later, with one of the Queen's hands on his hip and the other on his low hanging and swollen balls, Halcyon stuffed his shaft into Hippolyta's open mouth, and then, the armored warrior climaxed mightily. The Queen of the Amazons had not tasted a man's seed since the day of Heracles past on the island, and she could barely believe the massive streams of creamy life-granting seed that erupted from Halcyon's member and down her gullet. Still, she had to accept it all; the customs demanded no less. When he finally finished releasing himself into Hippolyta's mouth, Halcyon withdrew his still-turgid length, allowing the Queen to finish swallowing the last amounts of seed in her mouth. To complete the rite, the Queen licked her lips clean, along with his shaft, and sucked heavily on each of his still-heavy balls to confirm that he was, in all things, her sovereign Lord now.

A day later saw the arena being prepared once more for the final clash between Curia and Halcyon. Circe, meanwhile, had mostly stayed in her tower, laughing to the high heavens about how she was finally going to humble Hippolyta and the Amazon nation. All was going perfectly according to plan, and what a plan it was; even the Olympian gods were bound by their own oaths and could not interfere. Still, one thing was bothering Circe: Halcyon himself. When she had come across the obvious demigod, he was caught up in the thick of battle, tearing apart high-level demon opponents with raw, overpowering strength, and burning them into ash with energy discharges that even their own powers over fire could not withstand. When she offered him some insights into her plan, Halcyon readily agreed, but reminded her that, one: he did not wish to lie with her before the plan was complete, as it would leave her utterly incapacitated, and two: when it came down to making the Amazons submit, he would do it in his own way. Circe was to have no decision at all in that area. Still, it was too tempting for Circe to pass up, and the grinning sorceress agreed to the bargain.

What the sorceress had also found strange to her was that her normal, discrete charms meant to warp the will of such warriors and make him subservient to her had no affect at all on Halcyon. Whether it was his unique armor, or his own force of will, Circe had no clue. So, Circe resolved herself to watch the fall of the last combatant standing in her path: Curia, the Amazon champion and longtime emissary to Man's World. Circe had spoken of how she desired Curia as her own plaything, having broken and warped her first, but Halcyon had shot that down quite firmly, reminding her of the Olympians who would step in if the customs were deviated from in any way. Halcyon was the one who had to defeat Curia, and no other would substitute him for that matter. Circe had told him to do so, and to hold nothing back, as Curia's divine strengths and abilities were without mortal peer. Halcyon nodded, and replied, "Pay close attention, Circe, for It will be glorious." He then lifted off the ground and flew over to his position on the ground of the arena floor, waiting for Curia to arrive. In the stands above, Harbinger, Artemis, Phillippus, and Queen Hippolyta were all on hand, waiting for their champion to arrive and defeat Halcyon once and for,..... and arrive, she did.

Halcyon needed no additional aids to tell him that Curia was chomping at the bit for the battle between them to begin; the impact crater left by her landing in the arena was easy proof of that glaring fact. "You are all that stands between me and my goal, chosen Champion of the Amazons. Step aside, or prepare to face my blade." Halcyon's words to Curia were welcomed by Curia's answer: her clanging her sword against her shield. ('As they did in ancient times.') The armored warrior thought as he nodded at her, his now glowing visor telling him that Curia's own armor - likely smelted by the Olympian god of the forge - had an underlying glow to its linings; it was fully awakened. ('Good.') Halcyon mentally noted as the familiar cylinder in his hand once more telescoped out into his crystal and metal longsword. "Shall we begin?" He said at last, saluting Curia with his blade as the Amazon cryer in the stands announced the final round, then struck the golden bell next to her!

Halycon and Curia became nothing more than blurs on the arena floor, their fists, feet, and blades echoing out in a flurry of titanic sonic booms! Only Hippolyta, Phillippus, Artemis, Harbinger, and Circe herself could see barely the outlines of the relentless combatants battling with every fiber of their being on the ground of the arena. Seconds later, Halycon and Curia locked blades and hands against each other in a powerful deadlock, one that continued even as the two fighters leapt into the heavens! Their powers of self-propelled flight caused the battle to speed up even more, until nothing but more sonic booms could be seen or heard. Then, with a massive blast of clashing warriors, the pair landed back on the ground! A second later, the two warriors retreated to opposite corners of the arena to catch a quick breath.

With a cut on her lip, and deep bruises across her arms, legs, and torso, Circe glared at her opponent, her breaths rapid and ragged, but her will still as hard as Amazon steel. Halcyon's black cape was torn to shreds, and spider-web cracks could be seen across his imposing armor, but his breathing remained steady and strong, his visor aglow with his intent. "One more clash will decide this fight, Amazon." Halcyon stated, brandishing his sword. Curia nodded in kind, and set her feet for the charge.

"For the Amazons!" She yelled out as she rushed him! Halcyon sped forward and met her charge with no spoken words,..... only with the actions worthy of his power and heritage. The final clash between Halcyon and Curia was lightning fast and deadly furious. Curia cut loose with every bit of strength, skill, experience, and cunning that she had learned during her life on Themyscira and in the modern world. Any other opponent would not have survived the furious onslaught of attacks. Unfortunately, Halcyon was far beyond such opponents, and he let the valiant Amazon know it at last as he disarmed her, then slammed a kick into her midsection, doubling her over! Suddenly, Halcyon loomed over the stunned Curia, leaving her no time to react when he seized her in a reverse grip around her lower back, and then leveled her with a devastating power bomb body throw!

Then, pulling her arms behind her as Curia was roughly flipped over onto her front by Halcyon, the armored warrior applied a debilitating grapple around her back and chin, leaving her pinned beneath him, her arms braced over his legs, and her grimacing face pulled up for all the Amazons to see. She flailed her legs, trying to gain traction, but Curia had no way to gain footing with Halcyon expertly pinning her. The silent warrior slowly bore down on the Amazon body in his grasp, forcing her to take more shallow breaths each time she tried to get free. Curia's time had finally run out; Halcyon had everything in his complete control.

As much as Curia tried, and as loud as her sisters screamed and yelled to her to rise up and break free of the hated man pinning her, Halcyon's position over her and his overwhelming strength kept her pinned to the ground with no hope of escaping. It took the longest of all the fierce battles fought in the arena this week by Halcyon, but in the end, the armored combatant prevailed, and Curia's unconscious form was laid out on the ground of the arena for all the gathered Amazons to see. There was no denying it now: through the life-debt, and the demand for marriage to Curia 'advised' by Circe - not to mention his defeat of the strongest Amazons in their ranks, Hippolyta included - Halcon was now the undisputed Sovereign Lord over all the Amazons, and even Themyscira itself.

From up in her perch, Circe had fallen out of her chair, cackling madly and kicking her feet back and forth. The high heeled sandals she had been wearing had long departed from her as she rolled back and forth in pure glee. "I've won! I'VE WON! Hippolyta and her stupid wench sisters are all mine, for eternity! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I've won!!!" Down on the arena floor, even as Halcon stepped back to allow the Amazon healers to tend to Curia - he had no need to perform the custom he had previously performed with Hippolyta when he defeated her earlier; that was for the wedding night - the enigmatic demigod looked up toward Circe's perch, noting her laughter, and frowned. ('We shall see, sorceress.') Halcyon mused to himself as he looked over his armor as he began to reconstruct its damaged structure. ('Break your word in this matter, and you will regret it.')
Okay, ya'll, here is my entry for our pal DestroXXIV and his little 'forced' contest. This one seemed to be far longer than ones I've written up in the past (had almost twenty written pages before I knew it!), and comes out as four parts, but it was well worth it. Comments and reviews, welcome!

The Amazon Curia is used and mentioned here with permission from her owner, our lovely lady :iconcuria-dd:

Circe and Hippolyta (at least the versions here), as well as the Amazons themselves mentioned here - Harbinger, Artemis, General Phillippus - and Themyscira, as well as Rao, Krypton, and the Kryptonian race are all intellectual property of DC Comics, and are used here as plot elements.

My OCs (all new, too!): Lord Halcyon / Aurum Arcana / Bennu Helios / Blitz Vixen / Corona / Ebonflare / Shock Valkyrie / Void Emerald are all intellectual property of yours truly.

Yggdrasil and the All-Father (Odin): part of known Norse mythology (since Marvel uses it more than DC, I'm firmly thinking pure mythology on them).

Cookies to you smart ones who can figure out who each one of the Ladies are modeled after in this story; note if you want to guess. No prizes, but serious applause if you can figure it out.

Some of the plot elements used here are not entirely mine; if you want to know more, drop me a note and I will glad respond with where I saw them, and chose to use them here.
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