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The end of the week saw Curia and Hippolyta fully rested and ready to accept their fate at Circe and Halcyon's hands. Circe had played her cards with the skill of her history, and with Halcyon spearheading her charge, even the Amazon champion and her Queen stood no chance of stopping what was to come. At the table of negotiations, far from the capital of the island, Circe could barely hold back her glee, even though Halcyon's presence was the only real thing holding the Amazons present back from attacking her outright. Halcyon presented the prepared documents for Hippolyta's perusal, Curia looking over her shoulder, and with a somber look on her downturned face. Halcyon only spoke once. "Is everything in accordance with the customs and the rites, Queen Hippolyta? I'd hate to believe that I'd missed something, only for it to come back and bite you in the ass..... hard." Hippolyta wondered just what Halcyon meant, but Circe impatiently slapped the table.

"Quit stalling, Hippolyta, and sign the parchments!!!" At that heated shriek from the sorceress, the Queen sighed, then looked at Halcyon and nodded. She then took up the provided quill and slowly affixed her royal signature and the Amazonian seal to the documents. Curia hesitated for a moment before Hippolyta looked at her sadly, smiled, and handed her the quill and parchments. Curia nodded, then put the quill to the page and quickly signed them all. The now-completed documents were then handed back to Halcyon, who began to inspect each one in turn, but Circe did not wait for his response. She simply clapped her hands together, and sets of thick chains appeared out of thin air to bind both Hippolyta and Curia to the ground! Circe also gagged both Queen and Amazon champion, even as she cackled and tore off their lower garments, exposing their nether regions and backsides to the air!

"Do you know how long I've dreamed of this moment, you pompous bitch!?" Circe gloated as she brutally smacked Hippolyta's bared ass cheeks several times, leaving it bright red from her strikes, and then reached between Curia's pinned legs and roughly cupped the Amazon's bared sex, digging in her nails to boot. "Do you know how much I've wished to hold you like this, you poor excuse for a brigand's dream!? I OWN YOU ALL NOW! I'VE WON! Even the gods can't help you now!" As Circe kept cackling and punishing Hippolyta and Circe in turn, she never saw Halcyon sliding the documents away into his armor for safe-keeping, nor did she really hear him say, "Enough, Circe."

Circe was still too busy laughing and taunting the two trapped Amazons to notice Halcyon letting out a perturbed sigh, or to hear him standing up. Then, Halcyon somehow amplified the level of his voice to ensure he was heard by the sorceress. "CIRCE! Enough of your petty antics!" At that retort, however, Circe suddenly came to a halt, and her head rotated like a slow machine to face the armored warrior, and with one of her hands still damp from Curia's now well-abused nether lips. "What... what did you tell me..... boy? Did you just tell me, Circe, ruler of the Amazon race, 'enough?' " Circe calmly queried the now-silent juggernaut. Halcyon only nodded in response. Circe answered by firing off a powerful mystical bolt of energy toward Halcyon at point blank range, only for that attack to hit nothing but air as Halcyon moved far faster than Circe! His visor glowed brightly as he stared down the sorceress.

"You heard me quite clearly, Circe." Halcyon growled out. "You, dear sorceress, enlisted my aid to defeat the Amazons as per the customs of old, and you agreed to do it my way. Do not think yourself alone the masters of their fate, and that of the future of this island. I bested them in combat, not you, and it is I who holds the life-debt of Curia in my hands; again, not you. You merely advised me of one option in this instance. Remember our alliance, Circe." Halcyon's gaze then turned as baleful as the crimson energy collecting in his hands. "Now, release them; there is still much to do."

"You..... you..." Circe sputtered out, her eyes and face full of rage, and her flaring magic battering the room while Halcyon's black cloak fluttered in the whipping winds. "YOU DO NOT ORDER ME TO DO ANYTHING, ARROGANT IMBECILE!!!" Both of Circe's hands clapped together once more; this time, though, she unleashed a magical shockwave that totally destroyed the meeting room! As the debris and smoke blew away from the now-demolished location, Circe's form appeared from behind her mystic shield, grinning like the Cheshire cat. "Oh, I do hope he and the Amazons survived that. I hadn't finished playing with them yet, and he needed to be taught his place." Only a moment after Circe spoke, the sorceress suddenly heard something that she didn't even expect: laughter. A powerful, boisterous laugh filled the immediate area, and Circe looked around frantically for its source, only to be informed by the one she had meant to attack in the first place.

"Oh, we're just fine and dandy, Circe. Just look up." At that response from her former ally, Circe did so, and saw both Hippolyta and Curia - unconscious and no longer chained, but alive and in one piece - cradled in the hovering Halcyon's arms a fair distance above her. His helmet visor glowed ominously at the sorceress below him. "Foolish mana-user." The armored warrior stated. "I am no mere demigod as you long suspected. Even Heracles himself would blanch to face me on the field of battle, if he knew who I truly am, and so would the Olympians, as through me they would know then who my divine patron is. Now, what to do with you, I wonder?"

"What to do with me!?" Circe shrieked out as she formed elemental spell spheres in each hand, her face contorting with rage. "You will obey me, you cretin!!!" Firing off her spell bolts, Circe cackled with madness as her attacks began to follow the rapid movements of Halcyon in the air above her. With him carrying both unconscious Amazons, Circe assumed that Halcyon had no way to counter her attacks. She had obviously forgotten that Halcyon had two legs in addition to his occupied arms. With sweeping kicks, Halcyon batted away each of the spell spheres, sending them both hurtling out into the seas in the distance! Then, Halcyon again gazed downward intently at Circe; he was no longer amused. "So..." He began. "... looks like someone's finally forgotten about the bargain we struck when we met. Too bad you've also forgotten what I told you would happen if you double-crossed me, or if you attempted to attack me in any fashion. Glad I made sure that, to the victor, go the spoils, sorceress."

Circe was about to attack again, ignoring Halycon's intoned words for only a moment before she suddenly began to feel light-headed! "What... what have done!?" She shrieked, even as her powers began to wane and falter. Halcyon chuckled out loud as he saw the effects of their agreement - now broken - coming into play. "We made a contract to aid each other, Circe, not to serve under one or the other. Still, the consequences of breaking that same agreement are severe, as I made sure that they were made within a circle of binding runes, and that the agreement was witnessed under the gaze of my ancient patron, who shall remain nameless until He decides to reveal himself to us." The armored warrior spoke as he landed down on the pulverized ground long enough to tap a panel on his armored belt, which released a small white crystal that fell to the ground! A moment later, the crystal reconstructed itself into a sizable reclining chair!

Halcyon then seated himself on the new, quite wide chair, taking the time to lay the unconscious Hippolyta next to him, her head on his shoulder, while laying Curia across his lap without taking his gaze off Circe. The Amazon champion's still naked ass was on full display, even as Halcyon laid one armored hand on her and caressed the toned cheek, while his other hand unslung the toga from Hippolyta's shoulder. Her full, bared breasts remained standing up in the cool breeze, one of them now in Halcyon's grasp as the armored, enigmatic titan looked upon the weakening sorceress before him.

"Did you really think that I did not know of your legends, Circe?" Halcyon commented casually as his helmeted form appeared to inspect the unconscious Hippolyta's full and proud bosom, then turned to admire Curia's firm ass cheeks. "That I had no clue about your ancient desires, and your fervant want to bring all of the Amazons to heel?" Halcyon then looked right at Circe, taunting her with his tone. "You are the arrogant one, sorceress, thinking you would simply bat your eyes at me, and I would bend to your will? HA! This seasoned warrior before you was born of far sterner stock, Circe, and you have no one to blame for your current predicament than yourself." Circe seethed with fury at Halcyon's words, but her own magical powers seemed to be flowing away from her control, and began to collect around her own neck!

"My powers.....! What... what have you done with my magic!?" Circe squealed out in sheer disbelief before she suddenly felt a thick metallic choker appear around her neck, and then heard a loud SNAP! as it sealed shut around her delicate skin! "I've done absolutely nothing to you, Circe, except adhere completely to the agreement we struck: to aid you in your goal of defeating the Amazons, and to not attack you in any manner before that was done. Now, if I 'helped' you along in my own fashion in tricking you into breaking said agreement, that was quite easily allowed, seeing as my patron and I are seeking to rebuild our own ranks. But, I digress; it's time to learn your sentence, sorceress." Snapping his fingers as he finished speaking, Halcyon somehow opened up a glowing portal behind him, and out of it, swept six dark robed figures!

From the look of them - despite their hooded robes and the blank insignia panels that were smoothly etched on their backs - they were all female, and they were all, for one reason or another, barefoot. "Well, Circe, let me introduce you to my Ladies of Nobility. These special women, all unique in their own ways, were chosen by my patron and I to be the literal 'Mothers' of the soon to be reborn Houses of Nobility that I have been charged with bringing back into the universe." The six ladies all bowed to their Lord as the portal closed behind them, murmuring as one,"All hail Lord Halcyon, our sovereign and protector, annointed father to our descendants to be, and the one who loves us all equally."

"What madness is this!?" Circe screeched out as the six females began to circle the now kneeling sorceress. Halcyon chuckled in response, even as he tweaked Hippolyta's nipple in his grasp, and slid his other armored hand down the cleft of Curia's backside. "My honored Ladies here are charged with doling out the selected punishments to my captured enemies, and to those who seek to do me harm. They have come here for you, Circe." Halcyon paused, then allowed his armored visor to glow. "Ladies... you may begin." One of the robed females raised her hands toward the downed Circe, the limbs becoming engulfed in a deep purple energy aura as she spoke to Halcyon.

"Her choker is now firmly sealed and anchored, my Lord." She spoke as her hands seemed to flow through an orchestra conduction. "Her impressive powers still function, but your safeguards - and mine - are now locked in place." She bowed to Halcyon, who nodded. "Well done, Aurum Arcana. Now, let's see about the loyalty ritual; shall we, my Ladies?" As Halcyon finished talking, the six women all intoned as one, "By your command, Lord Halcyon." At that, there of the robed females moved swiftly, yanking Circe up to her feet! "Unhand me, you stupid cows!" Circe shrieked at them as her arms were elbow locked by a robed female on each side, while the third one behind her seized and tightly gripped her ankles! "Shall I silence her bouts of whining, my Lord?" Aurum Arcana asked with a slight gesture of her head toward the struggling Circe. Halcyon nodded. "Please do, Aurum. Meanwhile: Corona; Ebonflare. Flank me." As Aurum waved her glowing hand at the enraged Circe, causing a thick silk gag to bind her mouth shut, the two remaining robed females took up parade rest stances at each side of their Lord.

Once his two summonded Ladies were next to him, Halcyon spoke again. "Ebonflare: you will take Queen Hippolyta to one of our guest chambers on our primary vessel in orbit. There, you will see to it that she is bathed, rested,..... and cuddled, until I summon you both back to me after we are done with Circe's induction to our ranks." The older of the two females nodded. "By your command, Lord Halcyon." Then, Halcyon spoke to the secone robed woman. "Corona: you will do the same with Lady Curia here, but in a separate guest chamber. Remember, you two: cuddling, and light playing, only. Their futures are now bound with ours." Corona nodded, and she and her 'sister' Ebonflare responded with a firm, "By your command, Lord Halcyon; we will now depart." Gently picking up the two half-naked and unconscious Amazons, Ebonflare and Corona stepped back from their Lord with their precious cargo long enough for him to create a new portal, and they quietly walked through it.

Once those two had vanished from sight, along with the portal, Halcyon tapped the side of his helmet before speaking to the air. "Blitz Vixen, prepare a holding chamber for our guest Circe for when we are done with the induction rites. The ladies and I will be busy insuring her loyalty to us shortly." A moment later, a loud hum sounded out in response. Halcyon slightly growled at the hum he received; it meant that his executive officer had answered his summons, but was busy with her 'complusion,' again. "Blitz Vixen, this is your Lord Halcyon. If you do not climax in the next fifteen seconds from your 'activity' and verbally answer my hails, I will deny you release in the bedroom for two days. Acknowledge my call, you saucy wench. Over."

A loud squeal of "EEP!" was heard over Halcyon's comm, followed by a shuddering moan of pleasure across the airwaves, prompting him to roll his eyes behind his visor. ('That proper, masturbating tart.') Halcyon mused to himself as a panting female voice finally answered the channel. "Huff, huff.... a thousand pardons..... huff, huff..... my Lord. I was... distracted... without your presence on board..... again." Blitz Vixen replied, sounding abashed, even as Halcyon's internal HUD screen came online, showing his out of breath XO in her personal chambers, with a powered down hyper-speed sex toy behind her naked back, and her lower casual robes pooled around her bare feet. "I can see that, Maxxi." Halcyon spoke, garnering a much louder "EEP!" from his lovely XO. "Get dressed, and prepare that room; we'll be on board the primary vessel in twelve hours." 'Maxxi' quickly answered her Lord again. "Yes, at once, Lord Halcyon." She then vanished from his HUD, and the comm channel went silent.

"Everything in order, my Lord?" The robed female still holding Circe's ankles asked, never even bothered by the obvious fact that her hooded face was only six inches from Circe's caped and clothed backside. "It will be shortly, my Void Emerald. Now, then: Arcana?" The robed mage looked to her her Lord and lover. "Your will, my Lord?" Halcyon then looked at Circe again, who gave him a dirty look; that made his following words all the more sweet. "Strip her bare, and then, bind her securely for our trip." Arcana nodded. "By your command, Lord Halcyon." Turning to her 'sisters,' Aurum Arcana addressed them each. "Void Emerald; Shock Valkyrie; Bennu Helios. Hold her steady. I don't want to miss." The three mentioned ladies nodded in response to Aurum's instructions, and made sure of their grips on the still-struggling, severely weakened and gagged sorceress in their midst. "Top to bottom, then; let us begin." Aurum stated at last, her hands glowing as she made crisp movements in Circe's direction.

Circe felt nothing at all, but soon heard the splitting of seams all around her! First, her cape and its lengths to her wrists fell away in tatters; her gloves followed suit, peeling off her hands and dropping to the floor. Next, her boots suddenly fell away from her legs, all the way down to her feet, allowing the robed one behind Circe to lift each of her legs up quickly to pull away the destroyed materials, and then take firm grips on her bare ankles. Following that, the buckles and clasps of her bustier and short gown snapped, allowing the garment to fall away, quickly followed by a breeze of cool air that Circe suddenly felt on her hips, her full and quite lovely breasts, her backside, and between her thighs! The robed female mage had literally stripped her completely naked! Her: the goddess Circe! Stripped like a common wench!

Still, Circe found that despite her outrage, she could not scream out her displeasure; her gag held fast, and her strength was no more than an average Amazon. With her magic now bound, the robed women pinning her fast were far too strong for her to break free from, and they knew it. Presently, Aurum Arcana moved closer to Circe, producing a thin, white needle from within her robes, and seized the naked sorceress by an ear! "Struggle against me, Circe, and I will make you beg for pleasure to alleviate the pain that I will inflict on you. Remain calm, and this will be done shortly." Aurum intoned to Circle, who growled in response, but kept still as Aurum ordered. "Good." Aurum said, right before he positioned the needle high on her left ear, and pushed. Circe only felt a tiny twinge of pain as the needle pierced her flesh, followed by a very quick CLICK! there as well.

Circe could now feel a new earring of some sort on the upper portion of her left ear, and Arcana quickly followed and repeated the motion for her right ear. With the new earrings now in place, the robed mage moved on. Producing a pair of thin, metallic white rings, Arcana looked over at her two 'sisters' holding Circe up, motioning them to hold Circe tight. She then took each of Circe's hands and threaded a single ring onto each of her middle fingers. A second later, with a single whispered incantation, the rings transformed themselves into pure white energy, which then bound their intricate light forms to Circe's fingers! it burned for only an instant, but when it was done, Circe's hands now bore the glowing, floating, and spinning rings on her fingers. The restrained sorcercess grimaced through her gag, but the robed females paid her no mind.

Finally, Aurum kneeled before the sorceress, taking a moment to flick Circe's bared and aroused clitoris with a violet-painted fingernail. Circe yelped into her gag, then glared down at Aurum, prompting Halcyon to snicker at his head mage's actions. Then, Void Emerald deftly lifted up each of Circe's legs in turn for Aurum to carefully snap a pair of intricately-inscribed rune anklets on her, followed by a pair of sleek toe rings on her second toes! A moment later, and with the same incantation, Aurum caused the toe rings to repeat the same actions on the new rings on Circe's middle fingers! Circe screamed into her gag again, still helpless to defend herself from the rituals being enacted upon her. Then, Arcana stood up, showing Circe a thin bar of white metal in one hand, and a smaller ring in the other, a wide smile showing on her lower revealed face to the sorcercess. "Lord Halcyon will decide which one of these your sex will bare, Circe." She gleefully stated, her grin widening as she spoke.

Circe's own eyes widened in surprise as she took in what Aurum Arcana meant by her words; she was to be given a new piercing in addition to her new earrings? Down there!? Circe began her struggles anew, fervently hoping to break free but still her captors and her weakened frame prevailed over her wishes. Arcana made one last pass over Circe to double-check her work and the new adornments to the sorceress, then said, "All is in order, Lord Halcyon. The final adornment is, of course, yours to complete back aboard the command vessel." Halcyon stood up at that, nodding in kind. "Excellent; well done once more, Grand Sorceress of my Noble Houses, my Lady Aurum Arcana. Let us adjourn to the ship; I don't want to keep the others waiting on our return any longer." The robed ladies nodded in kind.

"By your command, Lord Halcyon." With that response from his Ladies, Void Emerald stood up from holding Circe's ankles, grinned wickedly, and gave one of the sorceress's bare ass cheeks a solid SLAP! As Circe loudly yelped into her gag, Bennu Helios quickly struck a pressure point on her neck, knocking Circe out cold and causing her to fall into the waiting arms of Shock Valkyrie. The tallest of the robed females quickly hefted the now unconscious Circe into a firm bridal carry, waiting with her sisters for their Lord's command. Halcyon snapped his fingers again once he was sure his Ladies were ready, once more creating a shimmering portal before them. "Let us be off, my Ladies. Themyscira is in good hands under General Phillippus, and with Hippolyta and Circe safe and secure with us, no uprisings should occur, nor should we have any interruptions." Halcyon stated, prompting his Ladies to quickly step through the portal with Circe in hand. Halcyon paused before stepping through, as if in thought, then spoke out loud to the air around him.

"Let them all know now, messenger of the gods." Halcyon said, his visored eyes never leaving the portal before him. "His Heir has come, and His plan now moves forward. Do not even attempt to interfere." At that, Halcyon stepped through the portal and vanished with it! From a secluded corner of the once-intact meeting chamber, the human-sized form of Hermes, divine messenger of the Olympian gods, appeared, and took in a long-desired breath. "His Heir is here now, and he is even more powerful than the Oracle foretold he would be. I'd bet a peice of pure Ambrosia that the Fates told her to withhold that intel. Still, they all must know now to leave him and his camp of Ladies alone, lest they suffer for it. By Tartarus, even Kronos himself could not stand aganst such power, especially if he truly unleashed it." With that, Hermes vanished from sight, speeding off and making a beeline for Mount Olympus to inform the waiting King of the Olympians that one of the true Elder Deities of the universe - and his true Heir - were now back in force amongst them.

- On board Halcyon's cloaked command vessel..... -

With a flash of light, Halcyon, his four Ladies, and the unconscious Circe all appeared in the main transport hub of his command vessel! Checking his HUD as he and his Ladies stepped down from the paneled floor, Halcyon made sure of their current location: still hovering fifteen miles above the island of Themyscira. Far enough from the mystical barrier to not be seen, but still quite able to gauge the tides and maintain a solid nautical lock on its position, Halcyon's formidable ship - the medium-class cruiser 'Furor Tempest' - maintained the preprogrammed commands of its master. Presently, as Shock Valkyrie and Bennu Helios left the room with their Lord's gestured permission to confine Circe in the prepared ritual chamber, followed by Aurum Arcana, Halcyon performed a cursory inspection of his armor and all its systems from top to bottom. That action prompted a query from the last robed female in the room.

"Is everything in order, my Lord?" Void Emerald gently asked her Lord, her near-silent movements registering as shuffled bare feet to Halcyon's senses. He smiled behind his helmet as he looked over his shoulder at one of his Ladies, the one he had chosen some time ago to be his feared War Architect. "All is well, my Lady." He stated to her before gesturing for her to take his arm in hers. Halcyon waited until she had done so, and began to walk with her to the ritual chamber on board. "Void Emerald, patch into the secured network and see what Blitz Vixen is up to. I have little doubt that Corona and Ebonflare have seen to Curia and Hippolyta's needs, but I always wonder about Maxxi, especially as an XO of our esteemed flagship." Void Emerald nodded to her Lord as she walked with him, and did so, her unique techno-organic systems wirelessly tapping into the comm channel and searching for her wayward sister-wife.

A moment later, a light humming chuckle came from her lips, and Halcyon paused in their walk to hear her response. "My Lord, Curia and Corona are indeed tucked away, as are Ebonflare and Queen Hippolyta. However...." Halcyon waited for Void Emerald to speak up again, and when she didn't, he did. "And, My Lady?" Void's chuckle resumed before she answered her Lord again. "... Blitz Vixen... she is, again... riding her personalized Sybian chair at full steam, and in her gymnast stance." Halcyon himself them amazingly let out what seemed to be a very perverted chuckle of his own upon hearing Void's report. He then spoke up after catching his breath from his own laughter. "Sheesh, and here I thought Corona and Ebonflare were the only two wild nymphs in our court. Shock and Bennu love to ride hard in the saddle; you and Aurum are so lovely with your precision and flexibility, but our little Maxxi.... ah, she remains utterly insatiable in her needs. Ah, how fortunate it is to be me."

Void Emerald only smiled in return as she laid her head on her Lord's shoulder, quietly enjoying the warmth of his presence. "We all still have our coping mechanisms, my Lord, for what once was, and how those memories are still part of that lost existence." In response to Void's words, Halcyon reached over and gently caressed her face. "I know, my Jade Queen, my solemn War Architect; I know. It just makes each one of you very unique in this universe, and so special to my heart." Even with her eyes hidden away from him, Void Emerald's smile was as bright as the sun from hearing those words from Halcyon. "That's what I like to see, my Jade Queen: happiness. We all need to have it for our futures to soar." Halcyon replied as the two of them arrived at the sealed ritual chamber. He then laid his armored hand on the flat access panel next to the sealed doors, and allowed it to interface with his armor, which in turn quickly transmitted his master access key. < Permission to Enter: Accepted. > soon appeared on the screen, allowing Halcyon and Void to enter as soon as the doors slid open.

Once the way was clear, they stepped through into the dimly-lit room, and soon saw the other Ladies waiting for them - Aurum Arcana, Shock Valkyrie, and Bennu Helios - while standing around a trussed-up Circe, still naked, and now bound upon a slightly-inclined 'X' cross made up of elder wood. "Everything is in order, my Azure Queen?" Halcyon asked of the robed female mage, who nodded in kind. Halcyon noted that Circe's gag was still in place, "Good; no need for us to hear an outfoxed opponent whine at her own current predicament, especially when her own actions blinded her to the consequences of trying to betray a simple, but binding pact of mutual cooperation, and caused her to forget that it was sworn within an oath circle." Circe's eyes narrowed, and she screeched into her silk gag again, knowing what was to come was on her own head. "So, what shall her final adornment be, my Ladies? Bar, or ring?"

As Halcyon finished speaking, he put his hand on his chin in thought. At that, Aurum strode closer to her Lord, handing him the two jewelry pieces. "Do you need a reminder of our choices to give you a better picture, my Lord?" Halcyon smiled behind his helmet and patted his Azure Queen's cheek. "A marvelous idea, Aurum! What do you think, my Ladies?" All four of them nodded at his words, prompting Void Emerald to again contact Blitz Vixen. "Blitz Vixen, this is Void Emerald. Lord Halcyon would like a 'viewing' now to help him decide which of the available lower adornments he will be giving Circe to complete her loyalty ritual." After a brief squawk of "REALLY!?" across the comm channel, Blitze Vixen squealed in glee before she finally responded directly to her sister-wife. "Perfect! It has been a while since we needed one, so this is great! I'll set up things on my end, and send you the necessary feeds! Be right back!"

Moments after Blitz Vixen's voice left the airwaves, three holographic viewing screens appeared in the ritual chamber, easily seen by the present occupants and their captive. Once everything was ready, Halcyon checked in with Blitz Vixen's screen himself. "Are you ready, Blitz Vixen? We're waiting." Recognizing her Lord's teasing tone, Blitz Vixen answered back, her lower part of her face appearing on her screen and carrying a wide smile. "My sincere apologies, my Lord, but I had to set up private viewing feeds for Corona and Ebonflare." Halcyon snapped his fingers in response. "Of course; carry on, Maxxi." The smiling face backed up, showing off a toned lower body no longer covered by her robes, but revealing her most intimate region was covered only by a trim waistcloth. "Ready on my end." Blitz Vixen stated. "Shall we enlighten our Lord once more, my fellow Ladies?" She then asked.

Aurum answered first. "My Lord, for your viewing pleasure." Standing with her bare feet shoulder-width apart in a parade-rest stance, Aurum gently shucked her lower robes to one side, revealing her pelvis and the same type of trim waistcloth covering the junction of her thigh as Blitz Vixen. She then pulled said waistcloth to one side as well! The pale-skinned woman was naked, of course, beneath the waistcloth, only revealing a well-trimmed, small thatch of dark violet hair above her intimate nethers, and a single ring piercing through her clit, adorned with a perfect sapphire. Halcyon smiled as he viewed his Azure Queen's testament to their love and their future. "Continue on, my Ladies." The armored titan said as he gazed at Aurum Arcana's naked lower torso, and the perfect charm he had affixed to her when she had accepted her welcome place at his side. One by one, his Ladies got his attention, showing their Lord the intimate jewelry he had given them at each of their joinings to him.

The tall, well-endowed Bennu Helios came next, adding a bit of flair to the proceedings as she completely dropped her lower robes, revealing her tanned and taut skin, tight glutes, lovely hips, well-developed legs and calves, and perfectly smooth feet and toes. Then, she pulled her waistcloth aside, revealing her pale blonde pubes trimmed in a very thin line above her sex, and the sleek horizontal bar clit piercing that was topped on both ends with shimmering white diamonds. Next, one of the screens flashed - Blitz Vixen's in fact - showing her revealing her auburn red landstrip curls, and its accompanying clit ring piercing holding a small trio of perfect topaz gems next to one another. The second screen lit up, soon showing off the lower part of a large bed from one angle, occupied by the naked lower torsos of two women quietly spooning each other. One set of very toned legs were smooth and lightly tanned, while the other set were far more bronzed in tone, likely a true orange in color.

Circe, even restrained and gagged as she was, suddenly recognized the first set of naked legs as belonging to Curia, and by the slight reddened color to her pouting nether lips, she had been gently 'played' with. The set of orange legs were actually tangled up in Curia's toned limbs, giving the viewers a near-perfect view of her shaved bare nether lips, and the smooth vertical bar clit piercing, topped on each end with brilliant amethyst stones. The name 'Corona' was flashing on the bottom of the screen.  The third and final holographic screen flashed, showing another pair of naked female hips and legs tangled up on a bed; this time, however, Circe knew that the tanned legs there belong to Hippolyta. In this case, though, Hippolyta's legs seemed to have been spread wide open on top of the second orange-tinged female, showing off her own well-kept sex along with the nether regions of the one with her. The orange woman's sex had a trimmed triangle of midnight black pubes, and a clit ring piercing adorned with a single black opal. On the bottom of the screen, the name 'Ebonflare' was now blinking back and forth.

"I'm next, my Lord." Shock Valkyrie spoke up, the tallest individual in the room next to her sister-wife Bennu Helios and her armored sovereign moving to follow her sister-wives even as Halcyon nodded in response to her words. With the same calm flair as her fellow Ladies, Shock Valkyrie revealed her lower torso, unveiling powerfully-built legs and toned calves like Bennu, ending with well-kept feet and neatly pedicured toes. She then pulled aside her own waistcloth; like Ebonflare, her nether pubes were black as night, but her piercing was striking for anyone not in the know to behold. There were two horizontal bars through her pouting clit, with both ends on each one holding blood-red rubies.  "Now, last, but certainly not least: my Void Emerald. If you please." Halcyon spoke to his final Queen, giving her the floor. She nodded, revealed her own legs with a pinkish skin tone, then pulled away her waistcloth. Her sex was as bare as the day she had been born, and her clit piercing was a horizontal bar, double-ended with glittering emeralds.

Rotating his head and his body - Halcyon had begun to float up, remaining in the center of the room - the pondering warrior reviewed his choices, occasionally looking at the naked, squirming form of Circe. Clearly, she was not looking forward to getting her last adornment from him after what she had seen. Then, Halcyon settled back down on the floor, and looked over at his Grand Sorceress with a nod. "A ring, Aurum. Our new resident, soon-to-be vassal will be gaining a ring. Has her control choker shown us what gemstone we will be mounting on it during the ritual?" As Halcyon finished speaking, Aurum walked over to look down at Circe, while standing between her parted thighs. Aurum eventually leaned down toward Circe, audaciously balancing herself with her hands on Circe's full breasts, the hardened nipples nestling right into Aurum's cool palms. "The choker has decided, my Lord. As you command, my Lord. I'll collect the ceremonial needles; Yggdrasil itself will be pleased to grant a mana-user like her, such a special gift."

Hearing the revered word 'Yggdrasil' come from Aurum Arcana's lips quickly caused Circe to hiss from behind her gag; she now knew fully what type of mystical and divine boundaries she had broken when she betrayed the agreed-upon alliance between herself and Halcyon. The armored warrior noticed this as his Grand Sorceress slid open a wall panel, and retrieved a silver tray with sleeves holding the precious instruments to be used. "Ah, so now you truly understand who you so rudely insulted and spat on when you betrayed our bargain with your impatience, Circe." Halcyon stated. "Good; that makes what comes next here, quite simple." The armored demigod said as Aurum returned to his side. "These needles, as you have surmised, are not made of metal; they are purely composed of the divine elder wood from the World Tree itself: the legendary Yggdrasil." Halcyon continued on as he picked up one of the needles and inspected its curved length. "It was quite the pact that my patron and I struck with the great tree, and the All-Father himself, for these needles. Yggdrasil even gave us a holy sprig of its branches to watch over. It now exists as a single tall oak in a place of our greatest secrecy and protection. So, put it out of your mind, Circe. As long as we aid the guardians of Yggdrasil when they need our help, they will stay our of our business."

Okay, ya'll, here is my entry for our pal DestroXXIV and his little 'forced' contest. This one seemed to be far longer than ones I've written up in the past (had almost twenty written pages before I knew it!), and comes out as four parts, but it was well worth it. Comments and reviews, welcome!

The Amazon Curia is used and mentioned here with permission from her owner, our lovely lady :iconcuria-dd:

Circe and Hippolyta (at least the versions here), as well as the Amazons themselves mentioned here - Harbinger, Artemis, General Phillippus - and Themyscira, as well as Rao, Krypton, and the Kryptonian race are all intellectual property of DC Comics, and are used here as plot elements.

My OCs (all new, too!): Lord Halcyon / Aurum Arcana / Bennu Helios / Blitz Vixen / Corona / Ebonflare / Shock Valkyrie / Void Emerald are all intellectual property of yours truly.

Yggdrasil and the All-Father (Odin): part of known Norse mythology (since Marvel uses it more than DC, I'm firmly thinking pure mythology on them).

Cookies to you smart ones who can figure out who each one of the Ladies are modeled after in this story; note if you want to guess. No prizes, but serious applause if you can figure it out.

Some of the plot elements used here are not entirely mine; if you want to know more, drop me a note and I will glad respond with where I saw them, and chose to use them here.
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